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The objective of our project is to develop a two-stroke engine based micro-car to safely carry at least four people preferably for use of city roads making maximum use of off the shelf components in order to minimise total costs and to make it feasible for commercial use.

Need for a micro-car

A common sight on our city roads is an entire family of 3-5 members travelling on a single two-wheeler. This is a highly unsafe mode of travel in which the entire family is at risk owing to instability of a two-wheeler loaded in such a manner. We felt that a four wheeler which would be compact enough to carry a small family at a price slightly higher than a two wheeler would be a safer alternative and one which would be appreciated by the driving public. Thus it became our challenge to develop such a micro-car. The work to be done is simple. We have to

The design was to be done keeping in mind that the primary use of this car would be on city roads. Emphasis was made on the use of off the shelf components since fabrication would lead to high machining and retooling expenditure leading to high total costs, which had to be avoided.